Many organisations, both large and small, consider it expensive and time-consuming to implement a new brand identity or manage an existing one. Since 1997 it is our main objective to relieve our customers from all activities regarding the implementation and management of brand identities. We are the partner you can rely on when it comes to advising, planning and the execution of the visual appearance of your brand.

We work internationally for large and small organisations. We do this with pleasure in our offices in Almelo, Barcelona, Istanbul and Köln.

We love brands

Our values

It is our vision that the value of a brand is mainly determined by the quality and execution of the visual brand identity. Only when one works with true dedication and expertise on the brand carriers, a result arises that adds value to the entire brand experience.

The most valuable brand identity stems from an inspired collaboration between you as a customer and RGN, in which we use our expertise and experience to achieve the brand experience you have in mind. You, as a client, are in the spotlight, whereas we are the essential factor behind the scenes. Together we work towards a tailored solution for your specific brand. This is the only way to make your brand identity manageable, affordable and effective. We believe in making brand identities accessible, which makes the implementation and maintenance simple, enjoyable and manageable.

We are tenacious and enthusiastic and we believe in a valuable cooperation with our customers and suppliers, that is how we add value to your brand identity.


We at RGN believe in the quality of the professional. For every task, we choose the party that is best capable of performing the job at hand. Thanks to our worldwide network of RGN qualified installers we can guarantee the execution of the job according to the highest quality standards. This ensures that all of your brand carriers have the same look and feel and that the brand experience is optimal.

The word quality in itself does not explain anything. The quality of your brand identity is defined by several conditions like time, budget, sustainability and brand image. In consultation with you, we define the conditions in which the aspired quality is determined, and we make sure these quality standards are met.
Worldwide network


Linguistic and cultural barriers can play a role in projects with an international scope. Thanks to our offices in Almelo, Barcelona, Istanbul and Köln we can offer local project support, without previously mentioned barriers. This enhances the progress of your project, allows for greater acceptance and improves the quality of your visual brand identity.

Furthermore, our international network offers the opportunity to contract international parties for manufacturing purposes, especially with large projects this can mean a sufficient cost reduction.