With CI-Control, CI standing for Corporate Identity, we at RGN developed an online environment with everything that is needed to actively use and maintain your branded assets. The platform consists of four components that together document your brand identity and create a collaboration platform for your employees and all external parties that are involved in implementing or maintaining your brand identity.

The four components are:
  • the Brand portal
  • the Image library
  • the Design2publish environment
  • the Facility process environment

We are happy to explain how the application is structured and what the components, as optional modules, can do for your brand identity.

The Brand portal
The Brand portal is a digital brand identity manual and more. All information concerning your brand identity is grouped in one central platform with a logical menu structure. As a result, your brand identity is always available and accessible for all users. Additions and changes can easily be made, therefore the information is always current, complete and dynamic. Because of the unique structure, the Brand portal is not only a solution for internal use, external parties such as design and ad agencies and suppliers of brand identity carriers can also easily have the information they need at their disposal, but only when you give them access. CI-Control is easy to use, this lowers the threshold and motivates to use your brand identity correctly, and this improves the consistency of your brand identity.

CI-Control, huisstijlinformatie RegioBank

The Image library
The Image library is the central place for all your corporate images. The images can be sorted in different ways, including per user group and per topic. By using tags, the entire database can easily be searched. For your employees, this is the quickest way to get access to the desired footage. The images can be downloaded from
CI-Control in the file format that is best suitable for the intended use of the image. Hereby you can prevent the use of images that are not in line with your brand identity or the use of images of poor quality, and this improves the quality of your brand identity.

CI-Control, mediabank Rijksoverheid

The Design2publish environment
The Design2publish environment is the ideal module if you want your employees in other regions to have the freedom to design their own publications. Thanks to this module you can make sure this happens within the framework of the thoroughly defined brand identity. Based on the grids (style sheets) of several items your employees can make their own flyers, invitations, product sheets and advertisements. The base is fixed, but the content can be modified with new texts, footage from the Image library and other elements that are part of your brand identity. Quick and flexible. When the design has been approved the files can be used digitally or for production purposes. Experience shows that this module is an outcome, especially for international organisations. Without the loss of quality, documents can be designed for the local market.

The Facility process environment
The module Facility process environment is indispensable when you are on the verge of a brand identity modification. This environment is the linking pin between the information about the old and the new brand identity and all the parties that are involved in the modification process. All proposals, schedules, production files, opening hours of locations and details can be found in one central place. Al your suppliers and assembly teams can immediately have the information needed to do their jobs completely and properly. For you, as a project manager, the process environment includes a dashboard that shows you at glance the project progress at logistic and budgetary level, but also on the level of detail you have access to all data. Fast, reliable and up-to-date.

In addition, the Facility process environment associates the brand identity guidelines with the actual physical situation in order to give the largest overview possible for facility purposes. This differentiates CI-Control from all other comparable systems. Where the Brand portal shows how your brand identity is displayed on signing, vehicles or corporate wear, this environment reveals exactly what brand identity carriers are installed or delivered at a certain location. Or, in the case of vehicles, it reveals how many vehicles of a certain type have a specific design and which vehicles are suitable for thematic advertisements.

Furthermore, this environment shows you how many people, and who, are provided with corporate clothing. This set of examples is endless and is determined by your wishes and the specific situation of your organisation. Requests for subsequent delivery are answered in a flash. Damage repair and resolving malfunctions are organised smoothly. On the basis of the information in CI-Control budgets are quickly provided when needed. You are in control when it comes to your own brand identity, instead of only having a vision on how it should be done you know exactly what is executed and how it is executed… current and up-to-date!

This is the end of our short explanation of CI-Control, a unique tool that is built to assemble more than 15 years of experience in the field of implementation and maintenance of brand identity. Built because we have experienced that existing systems did not foresee the needs of organisations in this field. Built because we know that your brand is served by this tool.