Blog - The importance of in-store retail campaigns

"70 per cent of shopper purchase decisions are made in-store," that is a frequently used quote to indicate the importance of in-store marketing. In the recent survey "Shopper Decisions Made In-Store", researchers have elaborated on this percentage and gained some interesting insights we would like to share with you.

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It appears that, on average, 28% of consumers worldwide decide in the store which brand they will buy within a specific product category. Moreover, an average of 20% of consumers makes impulse purchases from a different category than they had planned. According to the researchers, the choice for a particular brand is determined by the findability of the category as a whole or of the brand specifically. Additionally, the presence of in-store advertising is of importance to determine whether a brand or product is chosen by consumers. Therefore, in-store marketing is of great importance in convincing consumers to choose your brand or to prevent them from switching to another brand.

The above percentages are mere averages, so it may not come as a surprise that there are differences between various countries. Although some differences are remarkable. In China, for instance, an average of 88% of consumers make decisions on the shopping floor, while this percentage is only 38% for German shoppers. This would suggest that although retail campaigns can be well designed for a global market, local differences should always be taken into account.

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Despite all possibilities in digital and online campaigning, our experience shows that for many large retail brands, such as Nike,
G-Star, Asics and Desigual, the traditional retail campaigns are still very valuable. Due to technological developments, there are new challenges in the execution of campaigns, including a shorter
time-to-market (the time in which a campaign must be implemented in all stores). Where in the past a team of installers installed a campaign worldwide in just a few weeks, nowadays campaigns must be implemented in a day or two in order to synergise with online campaigns.


Desigual is one of the brands that acknowledged this a few years ago. The brand opted for a different approach in which the
time-to-market of the campaigns was significantly reduced from more than a month to just five days. Due to the changes in the approach, the campaigns have now been errorlessly installed in all stores within just a few days. A process that has to be prepared down to the last detail and in which communication, flexibility, a reliable international network and the right tooling are indispensable.

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