Choice Hotels expands the number of locations

Choice Hotels - Comfort Inn Choice Hotels International is one of the world’s leading hotel companies with more than 6300 hotels in 35 countries. It is the holding company of many brands such as Comfort Inn, Quality Inn and Clarion. In the near future, the organisation will expand with another 200 locations across Europe and the Middle East. As a result of this expansion, Choice Hotels searched for a partner who can be pivotal in the branding of these new hotels.

The organisation requested RGN brand identity services in Cologne to implement the brand identity in all newly built and acquired hotels. With a new positioning, de accompanying identity and the expansion of locations the organisation will now focus on contact between people and making all guests feel welcome. "Our goal is to bring people together and welcome every guest, wherever their journey takes them," says Robert McDowell, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Distribution at Choice Hotels International.

In the next three years, the new hotels will be consistently branded with the brand identity. RGN brand identity services will fulfil a central role during the process.