New city hall in Venlo provided with signage and wayfinding by RGN

Late 2013 RGN brand identity services got the assignment to supply the new impressive city hall in Venlo with signage and wayfinding. The premises is particularly striking because of its architecture with special attention to the cradle-to-cradle principle. In consultation with the municipality, the architect and design agency Cascade a signage plan was drafted that both honours the building and is functional for employees as well as visitors. The basic principle was to place signage at all the necessary decision points, so no wayfinding is needed at other points in the building.

The architecture of the building served as a basis for the design of the internal signage and the privacy patterns that are applied to the glass partitions of all meeting rooms. Furthermore a set of icons has been developed specifically for the city hall. After thorough preparation the wayfinding was installed under the guidance of RGN last summer, so now the building is ready for the official public opening on October 14.

RGN provides new city hall Venlo with signage and wayfinding