One government, one brand


In 2008 the then Prime Minister Balkenende presented the new government logo. The logo was designed to replace 175 logos of different participating ministries and government departments, with the main purpose of making the central government more recognisable. The deadline for the government-wide rebranding was January 1, 2011.

RGN brand identity services supported the central government during the entire implementation process. Our project managers, advisors and specialist offered both central and decentral guidance during the implementation and management of the new corporate identity.

Government-wide support
For the central control of the rebranding, project team 1 logo was created. As a partner of this team, RGN has contributed to the development of the central plan of approach. This plan contained all information and steps necessary for a successful implementation and served as a guide for all decentralised organisations. As such we have supervised many ministries and departments like the Ministries of Defence, Justice, Transport and General Affairs.

In addition to the plan of approach and the project management, RGN has contributed to the rebranding of the central government on many other levels. There have been extended impact analyses and various site inventories to assess the overall impact of the change, visually as well as organisationally and financially. Furthermore, we have guided the actual implementation of the brand identity on various types of brand identity carriers such as buildings, vehicle fleet, corporate wear and office applications. Thereby contributing to a consistent and recognisable appearance of the new government brand.