Reinforced brand identity for energy company innogy


As part of the German RWE AG, innogy SE has been a leading German energy company since 2016 with its three business units Network & Infrastructure, Sales and Renewable Energies. innogy offers innovative and sustainable energy products and services to its customers. Part of its strong regional and customer-oriented approach was the rebranding of more than 60 customer centres previously known as RWE.

RGN brand identity services was one of two companies who were responsible for the development of the rebranding concepts per location and rapid on-site implementation. Taking into account the specific characteristics of each location a consistent brand image was created at all energy stores.

In order to avoid mistakes and double work, the entire process had to be managed from one system. This was achieved particularly well by the use of the online collaboration platform CI-Control, as developed by RGN. This increased above all the speed and quality of the implementation. In addition, CI-Control enabled a fast and easy exchange of information between innogy and RGN and gave innogy complete insight into the progress of the entire project.