New healthcare brand Liberein launched on Valentine’s Day

New healthcare brand Liberein launched on Valentine’s Day

Since healthcare revolves around love, healthcare institutions Ariëns Zorgpalet and Bruggerbosch chose Valentine's Day to join forces under the new name of Liberein!

RGN brand identity services ensured that the rebranding started at precisely 4.00 in the afternoon at all locations and that it was completed within two hours. The large vehicle fleet was restyled with the new brand in the days before the 14th of February and presented simultaneously with the new name at all locations.

According to the Big Bang principle in rebranding, all corporate identity elements of both organisations were replaced with the new brand identity at once. This strategy ensures the most impact. It requires both secrecy and a lot of organisational strength, and we are known for the latter in particularity.

We thank Liberein for the pleasant cooperation and wish them all the luck in the healthcare branch!