Municipality Meierijstad goes live with a new brand identity

Gemeente Meierijstad

In the Netherlands, many municipalities are merging because of municipal reclassifications. The same goes for the municipalities of Veghel, Schijndel and Sint-Oedenrode, who become the municipality of Meierijstad. RGN brand identity services guided the transition of the three different brand identities into the new one. The impact analysis that was conducted at the start of the project, made clear how many items had to be adjusted, how much time was needed, what kind of problems could be encountered and gave an indication of the expenses for the entire project. After the impact analysis, RGN received the assignment to guide the municipalities during the physical implementation as well.

The biggest challenge in this project was time pressure. Due to the wide variety of brand identity carriers, it was questionable whether the deadline of January 2017 could be met. RGN ensured that all parties complied with the tight schedule. The printed matter, as well as the signage, were all implemented before Christmas. Between Christmas and New Year, the vehicles were restyled and the remaining templates were designed. All in time for the new organisation to start working as municipality Meierijstad on January 2 of this year.

During this project, the municipality entrusted us with not only the project management but with the budget accountability as well. The outcome is a financial tight-led operation with excellent results for all parties involved.

Gemeente Meierijstad