One brand identity for the entire city

Since 2005 RGN brand identity services is involved in the development and implementation of the visual brand identity of the municipality of Amsterdam. We play a key role when it comes to the visual presentation of the city on its fleet and at its premises.

The brand identity of Amsterdam has a rich history. In 1990 there were 16 different city districts, each with its own civil service and brand identity. As of 2010 the number of districts has been reduced to the current seven districts. In 2014 the district councils were transformed into management committees, with a more limited role. In short, the municipality of Amsterdam went from a decentralised to a centralised organisation.

As a consequence of the recent centralisation, the different brand identities of the districts needed to be replaced by one brand identity for the entire city. Following an extensive preparatory phase in which RGN played a central role when it comes to advise, materialisation and production preparation, all district offices were rebranded in January of this year. The offices are now easy to recognise because of the three red Andreas crosses, without any district specific elements. Regardless the district, in all communication the municipality comes forward as one and the same city, which has a positive effect on the brand recognition.

District office of the municipality of Amsterdam

About RGN brand identity services
Since 1997 RGN supports large and small organisations, nationally and internationally, with the successful implementation and management of their brand identity. RGN is headquartered in Almelo (the Netherlands) and has expanded its brand identity services in over 40 countries with offices in Barcelona, Cologne and Istanbul, and associated offices in Moscow, Gothenburg and Bogota. Amongst RGNs client base are national and international, and for profit and non-profit organisations like several municipalities, Radboudumc, Desigual, Mango, Isala hospital, G-Star, Turkcell, FrieslandCampina, Grolsch, Royal Ahold and ABN Amro.