Municipality of Amsterdam goes back to one large vehicle fleet

Since 2004 the visual brand identity of Amsterdam was determined by 14 separate districts, each with its own signature in combination with the brand identity of the city. A few years later this was reduced to seven districts, and now in 2014 Amsterdam takes the final step. The individual brand identities of the districts will disappear and one central brand identity for the Municipality of Amsterdam arises.

One of the most important carriers of the brand identity of Amsterdam is their vehicle fleet. More than 700 vehicles will be slightly changed by removing the names of the districts and applying the brand identity of Amsterdam. Technically this is not a difficult operation. Logistically, however, this is a huge project. All the vehicles are being used during daytime, and large parts of the weekend, therefore there is only a short timeframe in which we can rebrand the vehicles.

In consultation with the coordinators of the vehicle fleet, the producers and the assembly teams we’ve chosen a method that prevents unnecessary vehicle downtime. Due to the flexible deployment of assembly locations and teams there is enough capacity available when the vehicles aren’t used, even during the evenings.

The deployment of CI-Control makes sure we always have the most actual information about the rebranding. All vehicles of the fleet are included in the database and after the assembly the teams make pictures of the completion which are uploaded to CI-Control. We expect that the rebranding of the fleet will be completed in February. By then the Municipality of Amsterdam will have a complete summary of their fleet in CI-Control, with the most recent pictures of every vehicle and all applicable specifications. This is a sound foundation for brand maintenance.