Retail: implementing marketing campaigns worldwide

Press release

The international company RGN brand identity services assists retail organisations with the worldwide implementation of their marketing campaigns and just opened its first office in Germany.

When winter follows autumn it is not just outside in nature that you notice the change, behind the doors of many stores you can see the changes as well. In retail the change of seasons means a new collection and thus a new marketing campaign. This asks for a simultaneous, fast and flawless implementation of the new campaign materials in all stores worldwide to ensure a consistent brand image. For retail organisations this means an huge logistic challenge in terms of time and money. RGN brand identity services is specialised in directing the worldwide campaigns and guarantees a short time-to-market. Since 1997 RGN has established itself in retail services. Due to a large grow in demand, RGN has now opened the first RGN location in Germany, by starting a joint venture with the Counterpart Group in Cologne.

In retail regular marketing campaigns are an essential part of the business, for presenting collections and responding to current events. All campaign materials must be produced and simultaneously installed in all stores national and international in a short period of time. The value of efficient campaign management is already recognised by many retail organisations. Strong brands such as G-Star, Nike and Desigual already profit form RGNs brand retail services. “Retail organisations find it an enormous task to manage worldwide retail campaigns in all their stores. For large international retail chains it is important to ensure that campaigns are implemented simultaneously and uniformly in all stores worldwide. Imagine that in more than 400 stores all over the world, within a short period of time, all autumn materials must be replaced by images with the new winter collection. That is an huge logistic challenge that organisations can only cope with when they invest serious time and money. Thanks to our knowledge and experience we can optimise the expenses and time spent on such an in store marketing campaign”, explains Henrique Da Rosa, managing partner of RGN in Germany. Due to the support of specialists organisations can save up to 30 percent in costs and time. Without taking into account the success of the campaign itself. “Every day the advertising poster of the new collection is absent in the stores, the retailer misses potential revenue and profit. With new campaign materials, sales often increases four times,” states Da Rosa.

Partner for an efficient planning and realisation of the rebranding
Besides the retail services, RGN offers organisations assistance with the implementation of new brands and during rebranding processes. Processes that are the result of large changes like mergers, takeovers and divestitures. In a very short period of time all brand elements must be rebranded, and often this has to be done internationally. RGN focusses on the management of all visible brand elements, form printing materials up to vehicle fleets, corporate wear, office buildings and stores. These complex processes can be handled successfully with RGN as partner in project management and support, RGN can even completely take over the implementation of the new brand. Time, quality and costs are the factors RGN closely examines when it handles the implementation of new corporate identities. Several large brands have already profited from the expertise of RGN, like FrieslandCampina, Tennet, Gas Union, Peugeot, IBIS Hotels, TNT Express and ABN Amro.

Innovative software guarantees efficiency
RGN has developed an innovative software programme called CI-Control, through which all corporate identity operations and processes are centrally controlled and monitored. With CI-Control all parties involved, like suppliers and installers, have a shared platform with all the important project information like the most current status, schedules and project tasks. For the client CI-Control offers total control of the project, with a dashboard that is always up-to-date and shows the most important information in just one glance. Due to the international network of RGN, with offices in Istanbul (Turkey), Almelo (the Netherlands) and Barcelona (Spain), international projects can be managed at a local level. “We are pleased to be able to offer organisations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland the unique services of RGN. Now we can combine the 25 years of experience in the communication business from the Counterpart Group with almost 20 years of experience in rebranding and brand implementation. Because of this combined expertise, organisations of all sizes have a strong partner on their side,” declares Judith Dobner, CEO of the Counterpart Group.

About the Counterpart Group
The Counterpart Group, headquartered in Cologne, was founded in 1991 with the aim to link all communications services at a strategic, cross-media level. The services include parts of the fields of brands, digital, content and public relations. The Group unites all communicative disciplines in one organisation and is thereby a competent and creative sparring partner for clients, a real counterpart. The methods of the organisation are efficient, independent and measurable, with a focus on “return on investment”. The Counterpart Group is trusted by clients in the fields of trade, fashion & lifestyle, child & youth, food & beverages, home & living and technology. For more information, see

About RGN brand identity services
Since 1997 RGN supports large and small organisations, nationally and internationally, with the successful implementation and management of their brand identity. RGN is headquartered in Almelo (the Netherlands) and has expanded its brand identity services in over 40 countries with offices in Barcelona, Cologne and Istanbul, and associated offices in Moscow, Gothenburg and Bogota. Amongst RGNs client base are Desigual, Mango, Nike, G-Star, TNT, CEVA Logistics, Turkcell, FrieslandCampina, Grolsch, Royal Ahold and ABN Amro.