RGN handles rebranding health care institution STMR

Health care institution STMR in the Netherlands focusses on products and services related to welfare, living and care. The institution offers health care for clients at home, or in the nearby area. Besides taking over some locations and activities from another health care institution (STMG) in April 2015, STMR updated its own brand identity as well.

RGN handled the rebranding of all the locations, executed in two phases. First the former STMG location were rebranded into STMR. In the second phase all existing locations were rebranded as well. In order to get to a set of brand elements with a uniform appearance, we have developed a brand manual with standardised elements that can be used at the different types of locations. Furthermore RGN made an inventory of all the locations and prepared proposal with the new brand identity. When necessary we have applied for a permit from the authorised municipality.

Since most locations are situated within tenant building, it was challenging to apply the new brand identity as optimally as possible while using the standardised brand elements. We have had extensive contact with STMR on one side, and the building managers from the tenant buildings on the other. In some cases we had to include the municipalities in the consultations as well. Together with all parties involved we have figured out the best solutions for a strong and consistent brand identity on all STMR locations.

About RGN brand identity services
Since 1997 RGN supports large and small organisations, nationally and internationally, with the successful implementation and management of their brand identity. RGN is headquartered in Almelo (The Netherlands) and has expanded its branded identity services in over 40 countries with offices in Barcelona, Cologne and Istanbul, and associated offices in Moscow, Gothenburg and Bogota. Amongst RGNs client base are many healthcare institutions like Isala, Careyn, Radboudumc, Florence and OLVG.