RGN implements new brand identity hospital Medisch Spectrum Twente

RGN implements new brand identity MST
Recent developments in health care make a strong identity and profiling for hospitals indispensable. The rebranding of a hospital requires a special approach. The patient’s interest and comfort are a priority, which demands a quick and safe execution of the project. RGN brand identity services has extensive experience with the rebranding of health care institutions, this is one of the reasons the hospital Medisch Spectrum Twente (MST) selected RGN.

From the start of the project, RGN has been involved in the rebranding. Project managers at the MST were given an insight into the necessary budgets, lead times and implementation scenarios due to a detailed impact analysis. This gave them a realistic assessment of the scope of the rebranding. The support of RGN during the actual implementation of the new brand identity made the project run smoothly. Among other things a CI-Control environment has been created for MST, including a digital brand identity manual, image library and a web-to-print environment.

The introduction of the new corporate identity was the perfect moment to analyse the entire office automation and make it more efficient. In cooperation with DotOffice, a new system has been created, which enables users to easily draw up correspondence in accordance with the style of the MST, such as letters, memos and reports. Consequently, a consistent use of the brand is encouraged, contributing to a strong corporate identity.

About RGN brand identity services
Since 1997 RGN supports large and small organisations, nationally and internationally, with the successful implementation and management of their brand identity. RGN is headquartered in Almelo (The Netherlands) and has expanded its branded identity services in over 40 countries with offices in Barcelona, Cologne and Istanbul, and associated offices in Moscow, Gothenburg and Bogota. Amongst RGNs client base are many healthcare institutions like Isala, OLVG, Careyn, Radboudumc and Florence.