RGN provides retail services for fashion brand Mango

Following major brands such as Desigual and Nike, RGN now provides its retail services for well-known fashion brand Mango as well. Mango has 2800 stores in over 100 countries worldwide. RGNs expertise in the field of retail services, combined with a pragmatic approach and solid international network, has caused for the Spanish office of RGN to be commissioned by Mango for a try-out. During the try-out RGN has successfully taken care of the image refresh in more than 200 stores in Germany, France, Ireland and England.

Retail services Mango

Importance of accurate information
A quick and well performed seasonal refresh stands or falls with accurate information. This prevents the delivery of incorrect materials or formats, and the consequences of additional costs and missing deadlines. As with the launch of a campaign, the timely implementation of the campaign has a large influence on the revenue. In order to get all correct information necessary a thorough inventory of the stores has been conducted. For the inventories RGN works with local parties and CI-Control, the self-developed online environment in which all information is organised and global campaigns are centrally managed.

Diversity of images
Typical for the Mango stores are the different types of materials and sizes that are being used to display the new collections, with a large variety of photo frames and other types of displays. Due to CI-Control it is easy to generate the correct production files for all stores, taking into account various factors like differences in materials, sizes and varieties in the cropping of the artwork.

Local heroes
RGN works with a worldwide network of local parties qualified by RGN. This makes it possible to quickly execute a seasonal refresh or rebranding anywhere in the world. Any language or cultural barriers at store locations are avoided, moreover it allows for rapid anticipation of current affairs and travelling expenses hardly play any role. This is one of the elements of RGNs approach to ensure that within just a few days all stores of a retail brand are featuring the latest campaign.

Mango retail services

About RGN brand identity services
Since 1997 RGN supports large and small organisations, nationally and internationally, with the successful implementation and management of their brand identity. RGN is headquartered in Almelo (The Netherlands) and has expanded its branded identity services in over 40 countries with offices in Barcelona, Cologne and Istanbul, and associated offices in Moscow, Gothenburg and Bogota. Amongst RGNs client base are Desigual, Nike, G-Star, Turkcell and Vitens.