RGN provides signage and wayfinding for the new traffic control post of ProRail

Utrecht Central station is the busiest train station of the Netherlands, therefore it is not strange that the traffic control post in Utrecht is one of the most important in the Dutch rail network. The former building at Mineursplein was outdated and no longer optimally located. Therefore ProRail had dJGA design a new building. During the weekend of April 10 and 11 ProRail started to use the new building. RGN provided the signage and wayfinding in and around the new building.

The new building has an industrial and robust look, partly due to the use of Corten steel. The ProRail logo has been manufactured in the same look and feel as the building. Corten steel is a special material, due to natural weathering it gets a robust colour. In addition wayfinding has been placed in and around the building, in the distinctive brand identity of ProRail, including elevator signs, door signs and parking signs.

The placement of signage and wayfinding is commonly one of the last tasks before the completion of a building. This often means that work should be carefully coordinated with painting and other interior work. Now these activities are completed, the building is fully ready for use.