RGN key partner in development Smart Branding

With a contribution from the European Fund for Regional Development RGN brand identity services collaborates with Parthian Technology from Hengelo and ItoM from Enschede in the Smart Branding project. In this project, the companies focus on the development of a composite (composed of various synthetic materials) that is luminous by means of electro-luminescence and can be used wirelessly. The developed composite is light of weight and can be constructed in any desired shape.

The first functional product to use this technique is a Smart Panel, an alternative to existing signages techniques. The innovation of a Smart Panel, compared to current techniques, is that the material can be made luminous, so no other external light sources are necessary. Combined with the use of a PV film, which allows solar energy to be used as an energy source, the element becomes autonomously luminous and does not have to be connected to the power grid.

In addition, the system is equipped with smart electronics, allowing the user to connect to the Smart Panel. Due to the web-based platform that is being developed, valuable and efficient communication with the Smart Panels is possible. As a result, it can be switched on and off remotely, or, for example, it can be set that the panel only illuminates at the presence of people or when it is dark.