Smooth rebranding municipality Gooise Meren

The municipality Gooise Meren is a result of the merger between the municipalities Naarden, Muiden and Bussum. The corporate identity of a municipality is usually displayed on many brand identity carriers, therefore RGN brand identity services got the assignment to perform an impact analysis. During the analysis the financial, technical and organisational consequences of the rebranding were examined for the three municipalities. Following the research RGN yielded a crystal-clear report, including an indication for the minimum and maximum budget. In addition recommendations were made regarding the implementation schedule and to what extend the own staff needed to be involved in the process. Furthermore the report contained a quantitative understanding of all activities to be undertaken in preparation for the actual transition date. The impact analysis was basically the foundation for a well-prepared rebranding.

In the months following the impact analysis RGN worked in close collaboration with the three municipalities and the design agency to concretise all plans, among other things the most suitable suppliers were selected and prototypes were made.

The result is the completion of a beautiful brand identity, before the expiration of the deadline, within budget and in accordance with all visual and technical quality standards drawn up in agreement with all parties involved.