Kuiken Groep: A new brand identity in 3 countries in just one day

Kuiken Groep: A new brand identity in 3 countries in just one dayKuiken Groep, a leading distributor of construction machinery for over 70 years, has a new name and corporate identity. Kuiken is the largest service provider of the Volvo Construction Equipment and Sennebogen brands. As part of the international SMT Group, the company will now continue as SMT Benelux. The new brand identity is implemented through the Big Bang principle. RGN brand identity services played a central role in the guidance and coordination of the entire project.

For the rebranding of Kuiken into SMT, RGN worked closely with Stredge brand introduction and the internal project group of Kuiken. While Stredge was responsible for the design, RGN took care of the brand implementation. The big bang principle implies that the majority of the brand carriers are all adapted at once, making coordination between all parties involved extremely important. All signage, company clothes, vehicles, printed matter and IT systems must simultaneously receive the same look and feel. An enormous operation! Heino Westdijk, CEO of SMT Benelux: "Thanks to RGN we were able to get it done before the deadline of June 1. When so many things need to be done simultaneously, it is important that there is one party that monitors the entire project and project planning and has an eye for detail."

Kuiken Groep in the Netherlands, VCM Belgium and VCM Luxembourg continued their businesses with the new SMT identity on June 1. Despite this change, the company's DNA remains unchanged. SMT still focuses on the customer and provides machinery with the best quality and superior service. With the new name and brand identity, SMT has the ambition for further expansion in Europe.

Copyright photos: SMT Benelux