RGN checks brand compliancy at Turkish Airlines’ local offices

Large international brands like Turkish Airlines have many brand expressions at local level. For organisations of this magnitude, it is of the utmost importance to ensure the brand is applied without compromising the appropriate quality standards set in order to build greater brand value. For that reason Turkish Airlines commissioned RGN brand identity services (Istanbul office) to perform a detailed audit in Europe of all its sales / cargo offices and check-in counters. As a result of the audit, the airline received a detailed overview of a defined set of existing branded items including recommendations how to further improve brand consistency.

With more than 400 customer contact points in over 40 European countries, the risk of non-conform brand expressions is considerable. To identify the current brand touch points RGN engaged its ‘local hero’ network. For the gathering and filing of these branded items RGN’s proprietary online platform CI-Control was used. Besides offering Turkish Airlines a complete overview of all current brand touch points per location, CI-Control also acts as a brand portal in which all relevant information about applying the corporate identity is documented and made available centrally. On a worldwide scale now every party involved can have access to, amongst others, relevant information to correctly apply Turkish Airlines’ corporate identity.

Following the audit, RGN defined and provided to Turkish Airlines recommendations to enhance its brand appearance and improve consistency. These recommendations in combination with deploying CI-Control will make it easier for Turkish Airlines to keep track of its (global) brand appearance thereby maintaining a consistent look.