Unambiguous wayfinding for De voorwaarts Apeldoorn

De Voorwaarts, situated in Apeldoorn, is a developed area with facilities for several target audiences. Besides the multifunctional Omnisport, the soccer and sports fields and the ice rink, De Voorwaarts offers retail, catering, leisure and business services on a large scale. Including the Americahal, an accommodation which is versatile and is used for exhibitions, conferences and concerts. Major brands like MediaMarkt, Megastore, Burger King and FitForFree are located in De Voorwaarts. Thanks to the impressive design and the many amenities De Voorwaarts fulfils an important role in the region.

In an area where so many different facilities come together, proper signage and wayfinding is indispensable to show clients and customers the shortest route to their destination. RGN took care of the entire wayfinding process, we offered guidance during the design phase, made sure the elements were mounted on the right locations and we took care of the completion. In order to increase the clarity of the wayfinding the different colours that are assigned to the various facilities were used, in one glance all the destinations are recognisable.