We have a new name and a new brand identity!

As of today we have a new name and a new brand identity! Over the past years we have developed ourselves from a brand implementation company into a multidisciplinary organisation. Our range of services has grown and with the opening of several offices in the countries around us, we can serve more and more international organisations. Not only are we the largest provider in our field, more than ever we are a source of inspiration and a mainstay for our clients.

Our methods are still pragmatic and no-nonsense, though professional and innovative when it comes to the operational side of brand identities. The broadening of our services and the increasing internationalisation, however, resulted in a situation where we have outgrown our name RGN Corporate Identity Implementation. Starting today, we offer you our services under the name RGN brand identity services. We can help you to add value to your brand, and we do this from our offices in Almelo, Barcelona, Istanbul and Köln.