RGN unburdens municipality Zevenaar

On the first day of 2018, municipalities Rijnwaarden and Zevenaar merged to become the municipality of Zevenaar. RGN brand identity services held the primary contacts with all parties involved during the entire rebranding process, with the municipality itself as well as with the design agency and the producers and installers of various branded items. Natasha Schüller, communications advisor and project manager for the design and implementation of the brand identity: “Due to the efforts of RGN I knew the project ran smoothly, therefore I was able to focus on other important matters. RGN has unburdened us to a great extent and made sure that the rebranding went smoothly.”

In order to get a good understanding of the possible implementation scenarios and the expected costs, RGN conducted an impact analysis. For example, an inventory has been conducted of the vehicle fleet, in order to determine which vehicles had to be rebranded from yellow to white and what would be the best logistical way to execute the rebranding. The analysis and various scenarios allowed the steering committee of the new municipality to make a well-founded decision on the implementation of the new brand identity.

A residents’ poll was held for the municipality’s new logo, allowing inhabitants to vote for one of three different designs. The logo designed by agency Vonk Specht from Aerdt was chosen, following which they designed the other brand identity elements as well. The logo represents the 12 residences that together form the new municipality of Zevenaar. RGN then translated the designs into various implementation designs for the various vehicle models and the building. They also designed the grids on the basis of which all Office documents could be successfully implemented by the municipality’s own IT organisation.

Voorbeeld stramienen office documenten Zevenaar