Trend watching: 3D effect

Like many things even brand carriers are more or less sensitive to trends. One of the newest trends that we have encountered is a 3D effect using special film. In our opinion a great new way for displaying your brand identity.

Car wrap with 3D effect
The wrapping of vehicles has been done for many years. Wrapping cars in foil has become a business of its own. In the past 25 years manufacturers have been adjusting their films to the new needs of customers. The films have become more refined, partly because they are now more flexible then they used to be. One of the advantages is that it is much easier to deform the foil, which makes it easier and more responsible to deal with the curves of the vehicle.
,br> Due to the flexibility of the new films new application methods are possible. One of these methods is called ‘Bulging Systems’. A newly developed concept that basically comes down to assembling a logo or text with a 3D effect. The 3D logo will be “entrapped” with a smooth foil wrap, creating a unique 3D effect which is subtle but striking and certainly attracts attention.

Bulging Systems used to create a 3D effect on a vehicle

Other applications of Bulging
Besides assembly on vehicles, Bulging systems is also suitable for other types of applications. Consider objects such as doors, walls, furniture and counters. So for the purposes of displaying your brand identity within office premises there are many possibilities as well.

By applying film on walls you can fairly easy and quickly transform your entrance, hallway, office or canteen to a space that has an atmosphere that is complements for your brand identity. By means of printing on film you can display every desired image on the wall. Combined with Bulging Systems a quite spectacular effect can be achieved.

Bulging systems can be used to create a 3D effect

Because Bulging Systems can be used in combination with foil in any desired colour or pattern, it is easy to combine with your brand identity. And this is only one of the trends in the field of film applications and corporate identity, we will keep you informed!