Brand Consultancy

While changing or implementing your brand identity you want to be in control during the entire process. Our brand consultants are happy to help you find practical solutions that make the process manageable and controllable. We advise you during the design process of your new brand identity and help you evaluate your current brand identity to determine if its maintenance can be executed better, more affordable and more effective. Our analyses and guidance provide a clear view on the scope of your project and give insight into the ROI of the upcoming project.

Brand Implementation

You probably want your new or altered brand identity to be implemented as affordable, effective and manageable as possible. We help you with the initiation and structure of your project, the selection of suppliers, the drafting of warranty agreements, and we monitor the quality of the produced brand identity carriers.

Our project managers have flair for design and an extensive knowledge of all types of brand identity carriers. We are your explorer, inspirer, motivator and trouble-shooter. By realistically and objectively evaluating the practicability of your project, we are able to complete it within the stated deadline and logistic and financial preconditions. Furthermore, our online platform CI-Control provides you with the most actual information about the status of your project, at all times.  

Brand Maintenance

When your brand identity is successfully implemented and all the brand identity carriers have the look and feel you wished for, then it is necessary to ensure that your brand identity carriers are properly maintained. Our maintenance services help to manage and maintain your existing brand identity in an affordable and effective manner. With the least possible effort for you. Our online platform CI-Control makes it possible for you to have a continuous insight into your brand identity carriers, and gives you the opportunity to respond quickly.   CI-Control offers a dashboard that displays all relevant data, including the current stock information, planned proceedings and information about maintenance.

Brand IT Workflow Services

One of the most intensive parts of implementing a new brand identity is the IT environment. Templates in MS Word, templates linked to databases and grids for brochures, newsletters and more are all part of this environment. It is easy to get new stationary, but it is extremely complex to ensure all connected IT systems are ready for your new brand identity. Our IT specialists prepare the conversion of your systems and work closely with your own IT department. We know what pitfalls we have to avoid and make sure you get a solution that is suitable for your specific situation.

For more information about Brand Workflow take a look at Office Solutions and Digital Asset Management.  

Brand Retail Services

When it comes to brand identity, retail is a special discipline. Because of the often large number of locations locally, nationally or even globally spread, a centralised control is required. Regular marketing campaigns make a short time-to-market important, thereby enabling a shorter time of response on current events and giving the opportunity of conducting more promotional activities per year. Partly thanks to
CI-Control, our design2publish tool and our international network we bring down the time-to-market and take care of a good, fast and complete campaign fulfilment in all stores (worldwide). We guarantee a consistent brand identity at all your retail locations.